Laser Image, LLC provides its Web site and services “as is”, without any warranty, express, implied or statutory and disclaims any implied warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. Some states do not allow a disclaimer of implied warranties so the foregoing disclaimer may not apply to certain geographic areas. Laser Image, LLC agrees to exchange or refund the purchase price of any defective item sold hereunder in accordance with our return policy set forth below.

In appropriate situations, Laser Image, LLC is authorized to substitute one manufacturer’s product for the equivalent product of another manufacturer without prior notice to customer.

To return merchandise for refund or replacement, written/email permission must be obtained in advance. Custom engraved items cannot be refunded unless found to be defective in materials or workmanship. In cases where materials or workmanship are found to be defective, a replacement item will be promptly engraved. To reject products as defective, customer must notify Laser Image, LLC in writing within ten (10) days from receipt of the products. Before allowing or rejecting claim, Laser Image, LLC shall have the option of re-inspection at customer’s location or its own. Defects that do not impair function shall not be a cause for rejection. Laser Image, LLC shall have the right to replace within a reasonable time any product or products which in its opinion do not conform to the order. No claim will be allowed for any products damaged by customer or damaged in transit. Expenses incurred in connection with claim for which Laser Image, LLC is not liable, will be charged to customer. Laser Image, LLC will not be responsible for any work done to correct errors unless such work is authorized by the written consent of Laser Image, LLC.

We work with clients to ensure satisfaction with the quality of our work. Failing that, we take whatever reasonable steps are necessary to remedy the situation, up to, and including a return of goods sold. Shipping, handling, and associated fees are non-refundable.

Orders may be cancelled before engraving or production has begun without penalty. If engraving and/or production has already started, there will be a cancellation fee proportional to the amount of the order completed.

Returns will not be accepted where a project is completed to client specifications, but the results are not what the client anticipated with regard to personal taste or aesthetic. We gather as much information as possible and offer technical and artistic recommendations to help ensure that results closely match what the client envisioned; however, we offer no guarantees that personal tastes will be satisfied.

Clients are responsible for choice of shipping method. Laser Image, LLC is not responsible for damage caused by a shipping vendor. Clients are asked to file a claim directly with the shipping company. We work with clients to help resolve the situation, as appropriate.

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